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What do you require for my contract?

What do you require for my contract? 

Before the start of a contracting assignment, we require the following:

For Limited Company workers running their own Personal Service Company:

1. ID (i.e. passport)
2. Copy of your work permit (if applicable)
3. The following Insurances are compulsory for all Limited Companies;
Professional Indemnity (minimum limit of £1 million), Employers Liability and Public Liability
(You may choose to use an Umbrella provider, whilst Insurances are being set up, or you can contact a broker to arrange.
Please see the section below on Insurance for further information)
4. A Certificate of Incorporation
5. VAT Registration Certificate (if applicable)
6. Bank/Building Society account details (on company headed paper or scan of business statement/cheque book/bank card)
7. Copies of relevant qualifications/certificates required to carry out the assignment
8. Contact details for 2 references
9. Proof of National Insurance number
10. Contract and assignment details signed on behalf of the candidate or Company providing the services (“the Company”).
This will be sent out once all the placement/company details are confirmed
11. A 48 hour working week document via Right Signature. This will be sent out by your consultant
12. Completion of our registration documentation (if not already done so)
13. Completion of our Finance Bill via Right Signature, if applicable (Appendix 2 Page 6)
14. Completion of our Self Bill agreement via Right Signature, if applicable (Appendix 3 Page 6)
15. Other client specific forms and declarations on behalf of the worker (where applicable)
16. ID check – this is an important part of our compliance process and failure to complete this check will result in a delay in
payroll processing

For PAYE workers:
1. ID (i.e. passport)
2. Copy of your work permit (if applicable)
3. P45
4. Bank/Building Society account details
5. Copies of relevant qualifications/certificates required to carry out the assignment
6. Contact details for 2 references
7. Contract and assignment details signed by the candidate. This will be sent out once all the placement/company details are
8. Completion of our Registration documentation (if not already done so).
9. Other client specific forms and declarations on behalf of the worker (where applicable).

If you are working via an Umbrella Company they will need to provide the following;
1. Insurance certificates (where applicable)
2. A Certificate of Incorporation
3. VAT Registration Certificate (if applicable)
4. Bank/Building Society account details (on company headed paper or scan of business statement/cheque
book/bank card)
5. Contract and assignment details signed on behalf of the candidate or Company providing the services
(“the Company”). This will be sent out once all the placement/company details are confirmed
6. Completion of our Self Bill agreement, if applicable
7. Completion of our Finance Bill, if applicable

How do I record the work carried out?

Time spent on client projects is to be recorded on an online timesheet using our client’s bespoke portal. Your log in details will be sent to you from your critical project resourcing sales consultant. Once received, please contact your consultant for information on how to submit your hours. Your online timesheet needs to be approved by the client at 12pm on the Tuesday following the week worked. Payment will not be made unless this is done. It is your responsibility to ensure this is approved. If you have any queries, please contact the payroll team. We advise you to submit your hours on Friday after you have completed your weeks work to ensure plenty of time for approval. If your timesheet is not approved by 12pm Tuesday, your payment will be delayed to the following payment run. Where timesheets are submitted more than four weeks after the end of the period to which they relate, we will not make a payment to you until the client has confirmed agreement to us. For PAYE workers, a payslip is eamiled each week containing details of payment and any tax/NI deductions.

We now operate a self-billing system where we raise invoices for your limited company on your behalf. This is already in place for many Limited Companies and Umbrella Companies we work with. We still require a signed timesheet, but once payroll is confirmed, we shall e-mail you (and your Umbrella if applicable), a copy of your invoice detailing the amount to be paid. This is to be kept for your accounting records. If you would like to use the self-billing system, please complete and sign our agreement. Please feel free to ring the payroll department if you would like any further information. If you prefer to submit your invoice to us, we require it by 12 pm on the Tuesday after the end of the week with an approved timesheet. This will ensure that you are paid on time. If you are in any doubt about the way in which you should present the details of services provided, please take independent professional advice.

How and when does Critical Project Resourcing make payment? 
Our payment method is by BACS, directly into the Company’s/Contractor’s bank account. Payment by BACS is independent of postal delays and gives cleared funds on a determined date. For security reasons, we require the bank details to be in writing. Our systems can handle most bank and building society accounts, although in the case of the latter we may require additional details. Please note that we cannot make payment other than to the account of the Company. We run a regular processing cycle, with a cut-off time for the receipt of invoices and timesheets at 12pm on Tuesdays. Instructions to our bankers to make all payments will be made on the Wednesday of that week, to clear in the Company’s/Contractor’s account on the Friday. If for any reason you miss the above runs, they will be processed the following week, (once all relevant paperwork has been received).

What if I have a query on an invoice or a payment?
Please telephone Fiona or Lisa in our Payroll Department on 01732 455300 or email payroll@cpresourcing.co.uk. If, during processing, we find that a fee invoiced is incorrect for any reason we do not use this as an excuse for delaying payment. Depending on the nature of the query, we will contact you before or after processing. After making necessary amendments, if any, we will process the payment.

What happens if I don’t provide services?
As a matter of courtesy, the contractor should notify their Client contact or equivalent in any instance where services cannot be rendered due to sickness or other reasonable cause. This should be done not only on the first day of absence, but on a daily basis, unless instructed otherwise. Please contact the payroll department to advise them not to expect a timesheet. Where no individual provided by the Company is to be on site due to either holiday commitments or other project commitments, this must be notified in advance to the Client and alternative arrangements made when required to ensure the assignment is duly completed to the satisfaction of the Client. Please note your period of leave on your timesheet so we don’t chase you for missing time/data.

Your first point of contact for any problems, other than queries on payment of invoices, is the Critical Project Resourcing Sales Consultant who helped secure the position with our Client. In the unlikely event that you have a difficulty that cannot be resolved by the Sales Consultant, or you find it necessary to make a formal complaint, please contact Paul Chittenden, Director, either through the office on 01732 455300 or via e-mail paul@cpresourcing.co.uk.

Code of Conduct
We require all candidates and companies provided to our Clients to ensure that any individuals engaged on assignment abide by the following code of conduct:

1. To be aware of and adhere to all Client and site regulations and requirements, Health and Safety,
working standards and procedures.
2. To dress in a manner appropriate to the site.
3. To be courteous at all times to Client’s employees, suppliers and customers.
4. To exhibit professionalism through punctuality, time-keeping, commitment and general conduct.
5. To make the Client aware of any problems or difficulties that present themselves regarding work.
If a speedy and satisfactory resolution is not possible, please notify your Critical Project
Resourcing Sales Consultant.
6. If you are unable to attend the Client’s site for any reason, make absolutely sure that this is
communicated promptly to the Client and to Critical Project Resourcing.
7. When you are proposing to take leave make sure that this is agreed with the Client well in
advance and that it takes into account the work schedule under the assignment.
Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Discrimination 
Critical Project Resourcing is committed to being an equal opportunities employer. Critical Project
Resourcing has also signed up to the Diversity pledge of the REC (Recruitment and Employment
Confederation) our governing body.
Our latest policies are available from your Critical Project Resourcing Sales Consultant. Should any subcontractor or third party consultant feel that they have been subjected to discrimination or harassment
by any employee or representative of Critical Project Resourcing or its Clients, their complaint should be
directed in the first instance to one of our Directors.

Liability Insurances
All Companies operating within the UK have an obligation to hold Employers’ Liability Insurance (as required by Compulsory Insurance Act (Employers’ Liability) 1969). This applies to all Companies, including Sole Trading Limited Companies. In addition, the recommended level of Public Liability Insurance is atleast £2 million. This covers liability for injury to third parties (i.e. other than employees) and for accidental damage to third party property. You should also have Professional Indemnity cover as stated in the contract. For ease, we have attached a broker we use as a point of contact, if you needed one; We would recommend that if you do not currently have the above insurances, you contact your broker to ensure that you have the cover required by law and appropriate to the Company. If you are unsure of who to use, please find below contact details of a broker we have used in the past that can organise Insurance over the phone; Charlotte Baxter, Kingsbridge, 01242 802666 / 07917 386207, e-mail charlotte@kingsbridge.co.uk

IR35 may apply to the company supplying services. Our recommendation is that you should always seek appropriate financial advice on the circumstances and implications of the assignment. European Working Time Regulations The Working Time Regulations, effective since October 1998, implemented the European Time Working Directive into UK law. This is primarily health and safety legislation and the intention is to protect workers from the risks that arise from working excessively long hours for long periods without breaks. You are advised to consult your professional advisors regarding compliance.

General Health & Safety
All Clients will have a written Health & Safety Policy as required by law. All individuals on assignment must refer to this document and familiarise themselves with their responsibilities under this policy. Responsibility for Health and Safety matters rests with the Contractor. It is essential th at the individual on assignment does not undertake any task, which is outside the scope of the works schedule.

Christmas/New Year Payroll
Critical Project Resourcing’s office is always closed between Christmas and New Year. Therefore we process two weeks of payroll in the New Year.

A World Of Opportunity

Critical Project Resourcing’s vision is simple; to ‘build a better Britain, through people, one job at a time’. By recuiting for a wide variety of roles in the public and private sector, we make an impact to the everchanging infrastructure of Britain.

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