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Top Tips for Online & Telephone Interviews

“Congratulations, you have been shortlisted for an interview by the client. They are very interested in your profile and they are eager to discuss with you the position, your relevant experience, and skills to the role. The client has apologised for the short notice, but would you be free this afternoon to conduct an online interview?”

Due to the changing situation over the last few years, this scenario is now very common in the recruitment process but for a candidate it can be very daunting and difficult to decide how best to present yourself either by phone or video; especially if you haven’t previously had an interview in this format. Regardless of the format of any interview other than face-to-face you should always act professional from start to end treating it as if you were in the client’s offices. Below I have highlighted three aspects which you have control over before your interview and will give you the best chance of being successful.  

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

A remote interview is usually conducted at the early stages of the recruitment process but it’s still important to showcase the research you have undertaken about the organisation and what the role you’re interviewing for entails. You should also take your research further then the job description, this really is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Note an interesting story or recent event which you can talk around in your interview, something which you find interesting and will allow you to express your interest. Majority of interviews close with a candidate having an opportunity to ask the client questions and it’s vital to take this opportunity. You should have some questions prepared before the interview but be sure not to ask anything which has already been covered. Use this time to assure the company is right for you as well as you are the right fit for the role.

Choose the right setting 

Prior to having a telephone or video interview you will need to think about where you are going to be at the time. First and foremost, you should attempt to control all the variables which will help the interview run smoothly and give you the best chance of securing the role. You should always opt for a quiet location where there will be no distractions or interruptions and a stable internet connection if the interview is online. A telephone interview allows you to have props to steer you through your interview, these can be bullet pointed notes, sticky notes or most importantly your CV! However, props are best avoided for a Skype interview as it could affect your body language and your ability to look into the camera to make eye contact with your interviewer/s.

In the client’s office, at home

When you wake up on interview day, start to ready yourself as if you are going into the client’s office to meet the manager for a formal interview. Dress smart! This isn’t only to show you’re professional and take care in your appearance but for the client to envisage how you would fit into their working environment. By dressing smart this will also put you in the right frame of mind for the interview as a constant reminder to treat the interview with respect. 

Now, go ace the interview and secure the role you want!