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Our End-to-End Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is constantly evolving and is developed through best practice to answer all statutory obligations and requirements in a constantly evolving market.

We work with professional advisors and client contacts to evolve robust end-to-end processes. We have outlined in brief our end-to-end process here.

Processes are regularly adapted for specific client and market needs, this document provides a general overview and becomes the core process which we adapt for each client’s needs.

Vacancy Notification

All requirements are qualified where possible for accuracy and they are checked for compliance in relation to, discrimination against protected characteristics, checked for known health & safety requirements specifically to the role and any known environmental factors, and specific vacancy qualifications. Job Descriptions are reviewed and cross referenced with our knowledge of the client’s processes and general vacancy information. We seek comparator information and day one rights for Agency Workers Regulations purposes.

Clarification is sought from the clients’ agreed point of contact where appropriate.

Sourcing Strategy

A sourcing strategy is determined, considering the vacancies requirements, including but not limited to any known health & safety issues, and with consideration to the impact on diversity, sustainability and environmental factors in the strategy.

Candidate Shortlisting

Candidates will be shortlisted and matched based on their presented CV in an application or as held on record on various internal or external databases. Then consultants will endeavour to contact the suitable candidates using all available engagement channels.

After this initial approach we will take them through the candidate engagement process culminating in an initial introduction to the end client.

Candidate Engagement Processes

As part of the candidate engagement process we have created core procedures applicable for all candidates. These checks and processes include all the requirements of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Act 2003 and include;

• An application form covering data protection, disability discrimination and criminal convictions declaration.
• A confidential invitation to an anonymous questionnaire on diversity.
• Agency Terms of Business stating the basis of the relationship between candidate and agency.
• A candidate will undertake an interview with a qualified consultant that will cover;
    -hard and soft skills,
    -career history
    -aspirations and career hooks
    -knowledge of the client
    -discussion of the role and the wider organisation
    -key achievements

• Compliance around their right to work;
    -Right to work inforamation can be scanned using a third party software, for in-depth fraud prevention.

• Qualifications confirmation and verification with professional bodies such as the IRSE (where applicable).
• Identification confirmation and checking.
• Referencing.
• Presentation of the client including but not limited to;
    -The job description with reference to the skills, background and qualifications required to undertake the role,
    -A discussion of the client’s culture, vision and values,
    -Any pertinent health & Safety information provided by the client or known by the recruitment businesses,
    -Any additional information provided by the client for the purpose of candidate attraction such as candidate brochures
      and other employer branding documentation,
    -Discussion around any reasonable adaptations required by the candidate where appropriate in order to fulfil the role.

• Formal permission is sought and acknowledged for each named client and assignment.
• Reference taking
• Other documents may be required

Further Compliance Checks (Client Specific Requirements)

Different clients have developed criteria for audit purposes and we offer a wide range of different checks - some but not all are included here.

• Detailed career checks going back a defined number of years (at the client’s discretion).
• Right to work scanning (using 3rd party specialist software).
• DBS checks.
• We recruit for police services and work in partnership with clients to provide robust background checks.
• We work with clients to provide bespoke exams and testing for various roles.

Candidate Submission

Prior to submission each candidate will be sent a statement naming the client and role to which they have verbally agreed to be submitted for. We invite the candidates to reply, needless this statement acts as the formal point where permission was agreed.

Interview Management

Candidates are assisted and managed through the interview process including but not limited to the sharing of location and accessibility information. Our compliance team are made aware of any candidates on interview and we start to monitor formally our 2nd stage compliance procedures.

Offer Management

Working with the client’s point of contact we manage the offer and accept of any offers of employment or contract work.

Pre-start Compliance

Our compliance team monitors and manages any outstanding pre-placement compliance and confirms and qualifies all company documentation is in place prior to the agency worker starting on assignment. 

We will recheck the following;

• Critical Project Resourcing’s completed Registration Documentation,
• Data protection statements,
• Next of kin notifications,
• Criminal convictions declaration,
• Eligibility to work documentation,
• Booking forms and job orders,
• Candidate contracts,
• Candidate assignment schedules,
• Confidentiality agreements,
• Client contracts and client schedules,
• Opt out agreements,
• Agency workers regulations information (AWR),
• Finance Bill information,
• Self-Billing agreements,
• Bank account proof in Ltd/Umbrella name,
• Certificate of incorporation,
• VAT certification,
• NI proof,
• P45 (if required),
• Qualifications,
• References,
• Any client specific forms or declarations.

The placements then go through a three stage sign off; the Consultant, their Manager and the Compliance team.

Aftercare Service

We continue to monitor any contractor on assignment for such events as;

• AWR rights post 12 weeks, where appropriate.
• Any issues around 48 hours working weeks.
• Right to work expiration such as passports, visas etc.
• Insurance documentation expiration where appropriate.
• Changes to applicable legislation and the impact on the supply of permanent or temporary candidates.
• We produce information in advance to enable our clients to undertake their intermediaries legislation reporting.