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Modern Slavery Statement

Section 54 Statement

We are mindful of our critical position in our client’s recruitment supply chain and their legal requirement to produce a modern slavery statement. Consequently, we have adopted a policy to produce a section 54 statement about our recruitment activities and make this readily available within 6 months of our year end.

Our Modern Slavery Act statement will be published on our website in the Spring of each financial year and it will represent our accurate steps undertaken in every financial year.

In the financial year ending 2017 we have made a commitment to comply with Modern Slavery Act and publish our work annually on our new website (within 6 months of the year end).

  • We have decided to focus on slavery, trafficking and broader human rights
  • We have assigned responsibilities across the management team, with the entire management team taking responsibility for anti -slavery initiatives
  • We have adopted fair trade principles from our suppliers
  • We are supply chain mapping and analysing any risks in our supply chain
  • We have sent our Modern Slavery Declaration to everyone in our supply chain, to confirm their commitment to the Modern Slavery Act.
  • Those suppliers above £36m turnover who fail to make a statement will be warned of their obligation under the Act and we will reserve the right to suspended them from supplying any further business
  • Those suppliers with a turnover below the threshold will be encouraged to adopt the principle of the act, and we will review their corporate structure
  • Training
  • All staff will be required to complete training on modern slavery
  • Questions on modern slavery will be incorporated into our internal exam for recruiters

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